Today’s Random Thoughts

Thanks for those of you who have signed up to pray…looking forward to hearing from a few more.

So, I’m gearing up now to attend the Commissioning of the Preparers of the Way Session as trained in Russia! I know one or two of them. They are the kind of people that you want to love and smother because of their commitment to the Lord and just the way the live out what really is a sacrifice. I’ve been very interested in a few comments coming from and Stephen Courts blog about the nature of officership – check them out. Also, Major Chick Yuill writes challengingly about the nature of officership in the recent ‘Officer’ Magazine (apologies to those who don’t have access to that).

Thinking about my own officership, its taken a rather different turn recently having spent nearly the whole of the last week renovation out corps building gardens. Well, it was a valuable opportunity to do something with my dad who visited the whole of last week, but it was great to see ‘transformation.’ And that was the exciting part. It’s far from Charlie Dimmock standard, but it looks really good and the community is talking about it. Its a valuable lesson in how easy it is to get people’s attention.

Very same with our giveaways in Portishead where we are at the basic level of a corps plant at the moment. People are asking us about it frequently.

It proves my point that ‘visibility’ is a great tool for the Army. Sure, sometimes we want to be doin the undercover Kingdom stuff, but sometims we nust need to see the value in being out there.

We identified through our last War Academy term (our discipleship programme) that prayer warfare and visibility were key lessons God was teaching us and we are getting to grips with them. Still not as much as I would like, but we are getting there. The trouble is with corps leadership is that if something needs ‘lifted out’ as a priority you really really need to over-communicate. Its hard to know if your going for it too much…but I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

So yeah, all pretty random today. But, I think what I am saying is prayer warfare and visibility – good combination. No to be used as an excuse for being intentional about mission, but quite a good place to start actually.

in the fight

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