Sacramental Poor

Was preaching tonight at ‘Ignite’ a worship and prayer evening based at a corps community project in the city. Spoke about the sacramental poor. The message laid heavy on my heart all day. I hope that I preached it with the passion I felt about it. I felt the message got through clearly enough (I hope) and that people were challenged/blessed but it left me a little unhappy in a way.

I’ve commented before that the only thing that dissappointed me about coming to Pill was the fact that is was a rural community, but still, God has me where he wants me. Its something I struggle with a bit. Still, I firmly believe that God has things in the future for me.

I mean, Pill has its troubles, true. They just aren’t so obvious as to be certain to know what to do. Unlike Glasgow, the poor don’t come knocking on your door!

God knows its a passion and he will use that. I just need to pray about how I work that out in these next few years. It would be very difficult to volunteer anywhere with all the time we spend in mission at Pill…I just need to be able to focus on what God wants me to do with something he has clearly placed in my heart.

Still, was glad to have the oppostunity to speak on the subject and to remember all the names and faces of people I worked with and ministered to – to remember God’s big blessings through them.

Spending tomorrow with regional church leaders (mainly evangelical/charismatic/pentecostal type ones) for a day prayer and strategy conference. I hope it will be a good day…looking forward to it.

yours in the fight

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