Leaders Day

Had a really blessed time today with Christian leaders from across the region (Bristol, Bath etc) at Trinity College in Bristol.

We opened with worship which was really significant. The air was thick with the presence of God…my heart was beating at 1000 miles an hour and I literally shaked. God spoke to powerfully about some things. I’m just aware that God is speaking so clearly in prophetic ways at the moment. Might blog later on that.

It was so good to be there in unity with other leaders. It was quite a broad churchmanship really, but predominately evangelical/charismatic/pentecostal leaders.

We had a key note message from the Anglican Bishop of Bristol, Mike Hill, who seems very soundly evangelical and with a great understanding of things spiritual. He totally blew my stereotype and I had to thank God for him and that there actually are good men like this in positions of authority in the C of E.

I decided that I would go sallied up and I’m glad I did. The Army in Bristol seems to be so insular and so misunderstood by the church let alone the general public. (sigh). It was good to be able to be there, along with Captain Polis Pantedelis from Bedminster.

There is so much spiritual significance of church leaders together in that kind of spirit of unity and prayfulness. It acheives something which is hard to describe that our monthly ‘grumble sessions’ with local leaders don’t often acheive.

Good day…praise God


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