Extremely random collection of ravings (until my brain gets back in gear)

So, I surface from the depths of corps officership to say hello. So much I could say, so little time to say it.

I’m in one of those ‘give me an open field and let me run about shouting ‘hallelujah” modes at the moment. God has just been blessing me in a special way personally in spite of a few difficult things we’re dealing with just now. He’s been giving me special doses of wisdom to deal with stuff…could still do with more!

So, we’re on our road to gettin out a bit more…the corps that is. We had an open air AND an inpromptu march of witness last Sunday…this week we have a God float in the local fete/gala/carnival/rag whatever u want to call the thing. Will be a great opportunity to get out and be seen. Again, our visibility/spiritual warfare thing that we (well at least I) am concentrating on.

The first anniversary of our commissioning passed without me noticing! OOPS! I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Hardly seems a year at all…can’t believe it. I’ll resign (as in sign again, not give it up!!) my covenant at commissioning this year. Covenants are best when they are revisited. I re-read my soldiers covenant at least once a week – did I tell u that? Its a fundamental covenant to me. Actually, its a covenant that I’ve had to grow into becuase I certainly didn’t understand the extent of it when I signed it…partly because that the teaching might not have been wonderful, partly because I’m not sure I was mature enough to fully engage with it, but it has been a focus for me.

Anyway, if I were to sum up what my first year of ministry has been about, I’d say its what I it out to be (in my first sermon at the corps). If u don’t know what that was, sorry! Basically, focus on community, Holy Spirit renewal, forstering a passionate commitement to mision. Thats what we’ve preached…..the results? Some good, some could be better. We’ve seen some specific results…now we need to see them spread like bush fire.

Yeah, so, it is late at night (too late -long day – too much on mind) but thats just to bring u up to date. Hope it wasn’t too confusing.



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