Dynamic Prayer Conference

So four of us from the corps went up to London for the Dynamic Prayer Conference at Holy Trinity Brompton…home of the Alpha Course. It was a really significant time for us as we shared on the day. The Holy Spirit was definetely active.

Several prophecies given to me, by people I don’t know, we re-assurances from God of the things that we know that are happening. Firstly, a lady shared that she felt that there were beautiful blooms starting to flourish, which she believed meant that renewal was coming to our corps and God was refreshing one bud at a time, which we had already noticed. Secondly, a man spoke prophetically into my life, sharing again that as I minister and bring blessing to others I’ll receive so much in return. This is what God showed me almost a year ago…that he would bring my own healing through ministerng to others.

The most striking vision that God gave me was certainly striking. This was something new and the weight of the revelation was physically draining. We were in a lower pary of the church, the crypt which they use for small group meetings, and there was a small window. God showed me a vision of everyone in that cramped little room trying to squeeze out the window to take a fresh vision of prayer and mission out to the world. Now people were very stressed and desperate as they tried to all squeeze through the window but release came when they just got out there. As I saw myself climing through the window I experienced physically in my body the tension and desperation, literally my whole body ceased up and shook. As I climbed through, I had an intense pain in my back, which I could feel physically, and God later revealed the importance of guarding my back from the attacks of the enemy….the only part of the body that Paul doesn’t cover with armour in Eph 6..maybe because it would be the work of the other soldiers to cover people’s backs in the Army and so we see that as a strong confirmation to build up our prayer base of support.

After this vision is was physically exhausted and for the rest of the day I could sense God’s Spirit moving.

So, yes, I reccommend the course heartily. I spoke right into our corps situation so very accurately and I pray that we will learn and remember the lessons God taught us.

yours in Jesus

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