Blood and Fire

Really..I’m still here. This last week has been a busy but productive week. The last few weeks have seen us taking our war in Portishead (the town next door to us) a few steps forward. We’re moving towards a plant /outpost in Portishead. The corps has been sowing into the town for years…we have our large carol service there every Christmas…God has been speaking prophetically to me about of involvement there are I believe its time to begin the reaping. Looking forward to seeing what God will do. Last week we invaded the High Street with chocolate and blessed the passers by…some really positive conversations with people that were openened up by a little bar of chocolate.

Today, we went to a ‘Pray for the Harvest’ event in an open air amphitheatre…some great worship and powerful prayer…the ‘Blood and Fire’ was flying boldly decaring the heavenlies that Jesus is Lord, God is Holy and the Spirit is burning within us. People seemed to have a strange attraction to it….it was well photographed…they were either trying to work out country it represented OR being Christians they were understanding the significance of “Blood and Fire” and caught something of its declaration.

Anyway…on a personal level, the fight is tough at the moment but God is producing victory. These times of intensity in my personal experience are usually times of creating and developing passion for the things on heart of God…he is preparing me for something.

Am I ready?

yours in Jesus

Papal Prophecy

Interesting prophecy from Rick Joyner that he received in 1992. He records this in his book ‘The Harvest.’

…very interesting.

“In 1992 I was given the understanding that there would be two more significant popes over the Roman Catholic Church. There may be more but I was only shown two, both of which were very significant. The first pope that I saw became enraged against evangelical and charismatic Catholics, driving multitudes of them from the church. This pope sought to increase the political prestige and power of the church by intrigue but ultimately brought great humiliation. After this pope I saw another who was a true lover of God and the whole body of Christ. The spirit of Josiah was upon him to remove idolatry and false doctrines from the church. This man was humble, just and seemingly fearless in his quest to restore the church to Christ. This man will bring such a revival to the Catholic church that it will have an impact on the entire church, which will esteem him as a true brother. He will be cut off at the height of the revival and the whole world will mourn for him. Though I saw these two popes in this sequence I am not certain that their times will come in this order, or if there will not be intervening popes between their reigns.”

Amen. Let it be. Prophecy should be tested by scripture and proved by its fruit. Lets watch and pray.

(a nod to Cory Harrison for pointing this prophecy out)

yours in Jesus

Andrew Morris Clark 1926-2005

After a fantastic Easter, life turned a little bit upside down on bank holiday Monday as I learned of the death of my grandfather, Andrew Morris Clark, my namesake.

I spent the week in Scotland with family and then led his funeral service and burial on Friday. I can testify to the immense grace of God which helped me to do that final act of love for him, hopefully to the glory of God.

Family members are beginning to ask questions about the gospel and for that I give God all the glory. Even in dark times God shines his light. Hallelujah.

Pray for my family, especially my dad, who is very near to the Kingdom.

in Jesus