The Russian Experience -4-


Last night I talked with Captain Lalac into the small hours having spent much of the evening chatting was we wandered around Red Square and through the streets of ‘down-town’ Moscow. He is Moldovan, has a huge heart for Romania having pioneered the work there, but finds himself in Russia at the training school as part of the staff. I am amazed at this mans character and the quality of his salvationism. He asks me when I am coming to Romania and I say to him ‘we will see what God has planned.’

We say our goodbyes to our friends again until the next time. The strange thing I find about travel is that its often difficult to remember that these places still exist, these people still go about their business even when you aren’t there to see them and as we give our last hug a big part of me doesn’t want to be saying goodbye. I give Roxanne a UK ‘Preparer of the Way’ hooded top and you would have think that I had given her the world.

I know that the commissioning of the POWs (as the Preparers of the Way are affectinately known as) in London in a few weeks will be a special occassion, but I will think back to the other commissioning. I love my London POW’s but I think we all need to learn something of the spirit of the Easter European POW’s. I think back to all the fuss of college and reflect that its nonsense really…I pray for all of us, as Preparers, that we will show at least half of the fighting spirit that these people will show in their ministry.

So, I’m back from Russia and again I am amazed at what God is choosing to do through his Army and its people. As I culturally re-adjust myself, I come back to my own challenge….to live, to be, to do the will of God that is that I should be an officer in The Salvation Army, whatever that means.

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