This afternoon we had some time off. A little oasis…quite literally. Enjoyed a few hours on Weston-super-Mare beach!! It was absolutely deserted actually, but it was hot, sunny and peaceful.

I thought again about the last few weeks and decided that covenant has kept me. God’s ‘yes’ to me means that when I want to say ‘no’ I realise I can’t in response to such a wonderful promise from Almighty God. He has chosen to enter into covenant with me and so I have no choice but to make my response ‘yes, Lord.’

I think about the Preparers of the Way and I pray that covenant will be as significant for them as it has been for me. I’m guessing that a few of them have been stuttering over the words ‘and prove myself to be a worthy officer.’ I guess we don’t like to feel we have to prove ourself.

But the great thing is that we never have to earn God’s love, simply because we can’t, but we can earn God’s trust…the key is covenant. God’s ‘yes’ and our ‘yes’ make a powerful Amen.

I pray that God will make the Preparers of the Way powerful warriors, that their covenant will be their strength and that they will prove to God that they can be trusted and are worthy of the calling they have received.

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