Well, here I am with another little oasis in the late afternoon…its far too hot here to be doing anything other than blogging.

Had our appraisals at DHQ today which went very well…an encouraging pat on the back, keep on going, more of the same, type of situation. Its valuable when you feel that others think your doing a decent enough job. But again, we don’t live to please men. We hope that God is as satisfied as our leaders are.

Was thinking again though about the officers role…had a long chat about it and I am reminded about how much education there needs to be in some corps, perhaps ours, about the role of the officer. Now and again its good to have someone confirm your convictions and I’m reminded that for most of us it takes a long time for us to untrain and re-train our thoughts about certain areas.

On reflection, there is always things you wish you had done better, but you can’t change the past.

I said many times to fellow cadets in the Preparers of the Way session that I thought it was really important to be firm in your convictions and go to an appointment with a clear idea of why you are there. There are a lot of things that try to move us from our main focus.

I outlined, in our first meeting at Pill what our convictions were with regards to our ministry.

  • renewal by the Holy Spirit
  • radical mission
  • commitment to the poor
  • commitment to authentic community
  • hearty salvationism

These haven’t changed, but the process towards becoming a lean mean fighting salvation team is hard work, there are a lot of extra ‘pounds’ to shed to get us where we want to be. Those five things are fundamental to salvationism mission and ecclesiology and its when we start look to other things other than those that we stray.

So, yes, thanks for a helpful appraisal, good, reminded to me to do the following:

“if we know who we are – Salvationists – and it’s a non-negotiable point with us, then our passionate commitment, sheer joyful excitement and the heroic aspects of our identity will never lack in finding disciples…Simply decide who you are called to be, a “blood and fire” Salvationist and live the life unapologetically, intensely, passionately and heroically.”
Geoff Ryan, Sowing Dragons

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