Its unfortunate that I can’t really write about some things today. There are thoughs and feelings that sometime you have to keep to yourself. We had some blessings and victories today but only on some quarters. I’d have wanted more.

Yes, I do get dissappointed when people don’t respond to the Word. I get more upset when people don’t respond because they have something against me. The tension between making leadership decisions to help move the congregation on and being the preacher is a difficult one. There are a great many situations that I’ve dealt with head on…there can be more damage done attemting to dodge conflict. But how I hate the existence of internal conflict. Its civil war.

Part of the diffuculty of a summer period is that its very difficult to communicate with your people…some are away, we only have morning meetings, we have our fulough…and there is a great sense of frustration that there isn’t the opportunity for depth of prayer worship. Our morning meeting tends to be a little less deep, more family friendly and there are some people who are very young in faith.

So, I get this sense that I am going on holiday with a few things hanging – which I don’t like! But its God’s corps and I know he will find a way of dealing with it!!!

The key is still prayer though. We need to devote ourselves to it more and more…I need to devote myself to it more and more. Agonising prayer as in child-birth is the kinda prayer. God give us grace to commit and endure.

in the war

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