Holy Mumbling

It’s been good to chat recently with a few people around the territory on the subject of corps health. It alarms me, however, the amount of people who say of gossip and chatter being a big part of corps life. Is this a neccessity for the survival of a corps….does it really have to be there, is it inevitable? We certainly see Paul tackling it head on in the early church, Corinth especially.

I guess it comes down to how we deal with each others failures. Human nature as it is will possibly mean that we will find people we don’t quite get on with or gel with. But then, we must never let human nature be an excuse for failure and behaviour less than Christian. At the end of the day, there is none of us who has been faultless in this regard, but there has to come a day when we simply let things go, talk sensibly about our grumbles and move on.

We must remember who the enemy is. If we are divided we will fall. For my part in any disunity I am humbly sorry when I have been at fault. I wonder if there is anyone else who will sense that, for the sake of the Kingdom, we must put our minds on higher things. Perhaps we should call a grumble amnesty. Write it on a bit of paper, read it, pray about it, if its still important enough after all that then go to the person that is concerned and deal with it. Thats the only godly way to deal with it folks. Its diffcult but it saves a lot of heartache in the long run.

We have a glorious Kingdom, a glorious promise, a glorious Saviour…lets endeavour to life him higher by displaying our Kingdom love for each other.

yours in the war (against the real enemy)


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