Counter Attack

So, there has been the usual little niggley counter-attacks from satan this week seeking to divide over little things and personal circumstances, but God is bigger than all that. I think after a weekend like we’ve had, the activity of the enemy becomes so much clearer.

It seems that the way he goes about altering that is trying to convince us that its not really like that at all….its his plan to get us to think that he isnt active and interfering. You start to think that you read too much into things. And whilst we don’t want to give him any glory at all, we need to remember his plan is to make us think he doesn’t exist. I’m growing wise to that one as the years go by. We shouldn’t be unaware of his schemes.

God is much much bigger. I’m excited about all the future holds. We’re commited to building on what we learned and thats a blessing…it will have a difference on our community. We’re gathering information to inform our prayer. The challenge is where to start with it all come Sunday!!

Anyway, looking forward to what God will do now.


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