Was in a conversation and was reminded of something I need to confess to you all here at Army Renewal Blog. Some of you will cringe and some of you will cheer. Some of you will continue to think, and be confirmed in your thinking, that I am an absolute nutter.

After I became converted and became a soldier, I used to wear my uniform to school.

Was it relevant to my school friends? No.
Did it make me lots of friends? No.
Was it appropriate to wear it to school? No, probably not.
Did my parents approve? No.
Did it give me an opportunity to share my faith? Yes, every spare minute of the day.

I remember talking to Karen, who had lost her mum, about the reality of God in my life. I talked to Craig about God’s leading my life in a certain direction. I talked to Richard about attending church not being enough to get to heaven. I talked to Melody about the kind of person God was making me. I remember talking to Desmond about treating girls properly. I remember talking to Kerry about nor being ashamed of her faith. I remember talking to a music teacher about her divorce. I remember Clair asking my opinion about sleeping around.

I remember talking to Barry about God being bigger than science. I remember talking to Pamela about not going off the rails. I used to talk to Ashley about the beautiful person she could become in Jesus. I talked to Kerry-Ann and Laura about the possiblity of having a pure life. I talked to another Laura about God being a better father than any step-father. I talked to Donald about sin and hell (we used to get up to a lot of sin together!!). I remember telling Andrew that homosexual acts were sinful.

I remember getting beaten up. I remember getting my things stolen. I remember my sister being taunted. I remember being called ‘Harold.’

Would I have done all that without my uniform? Maybe. But let me explain that this was a constant flow of conversation about God….I’ve only mentioned a few examples. Now, that wouldn’t have happened without uniform.

Anyway, thats my confession. Who says that uniform is useless?

in Jesus

(PS were any of them saved? Not at the time, but 3 of them are now. :o)

2 thoughts on “Confession

  1. Wicked! :o)Franciscan brown works just as well but everyone assumes I’m a catholic – which is often a conversation opener. Usually being in brown with a cross, or in some form of SA unif., I am coming to the conclusion that some people open up to one, and some to the other. I rarely find people don’t want to talk. The only thing I dislike about SA formal uniform is that it is horribly uncomfortable and feels immodest. The skirt is shorter than I normally wear, and the standard blouse is half see through. It is easier for blokes – you wear trousers! I think you had great courage to wear it for school, and it was for a blessing. :o)

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