Its Official!

Interestingly, Commissioner Shaw Clifton made a statement at officers councils which sort of fits in with where I was coming from re Sabbath.

He spoke of how when you go on holiday, you are faced with the option:

‘Now, on Sunday do I go to the Army, do I go to church, or do I go to the beach…..and if the beach wins (which it often does), am I allowed to buy an ice cream on a Sunday? Yes, I think I am, but only one because otherwise that would be gluttony. Cheif Secretary…I think we should send out an official minute on this.’

So there we have it, I present to you and almost exact quote from the official mouth of the official Territorial Commander of the United Kingdom Territory. I await the Official Minute. :))

Its a heart matter. If our heart is the Lords then we will make sure that we have opportunity to meet together with the Lords people. We must of course take all scripture together. There is value in meeting, there is a need to be nurtured in faith and to worship God with his people.

But no amount of legalism will produce that desire. Not buying or selling on a Sunday, not going to a restaurant or a petrol station to fill your car as an expression of sabbath may well be a biblical principle, but is it Scriptural? Judas went and hung himself…its in the bible, its biblical, but is suicide Scriptural? There is a difference between biblical and Scriptural. We must take scripture together, and in the light of New Testament teaching, we discover that the sabbath is made for man, not the other way around.

The point I am making, is that we must not use legalism to produce faith. The experience of the Pharisees have shown us that it couldn’t happen…it doesn’t work. The Army have used legalism to encourage faithfulness for years and is it surprising that people rebel against it? Legalism is a bigger stumbling block to a young person or new Christian than me buying an ice cream or selling a Christian book. No doubt this will come around again as we make CDs and biscuits available for purchase at the Somerset Hall Carol Service. Tsk tsk…naughty.


2 thoughts on “Its Official!

  1. Well that’s a relief, I had the plumber call to the hall today so in a way I asked him to work!!!!! and I nipped into Nisa for some dog food for Holly ….. we’d run out (I didn’t just buy one tin though I bought four!!!!!) Tsk Tsk.I remember this sort of argument going on years ago ….. my Dad wouldn’t buy a newspaper on a Sunday but he’d buy the Monday one that was printed on a Sunday. When he’d run out of petrol going to church he found a convenient excuse and scripture that would allow him to top up. I get a little fraught with all this sort of thing. As you say it’s a heart matter, and I only have to account to God ….. no one else :-))))

  2. And I thought I’d escaped all of this when I left orthodox Judaism to come back to TSA. Get a grip guys!If its any consolation, our Jewish questions involved things like whether or not one could open a can of food, or one I remember was a rabbi who ruled that if you forgot on Shabbos that you were not allowed to use electricity, and you pressed someone’s electric doorbell, then cos you were not allowed to break the electrical circuit – also forbidden on Shabbos, you had to stand there the rest of the 24 hours with your finger on the bell. If you don’t believe me I can quote the book and the reference!lolGood Shabbos.Pax et bonum

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