Mobile Prayer Centre :o)

You might remember me mentioning that we were offered an ex-ambulance. It really fitted with a vision God gave me of a mobile prayer and outreach centre so much. Although, I didn’t want to commit the corps to the liablity and I’m not sure that the Army would allow it officially anyway as the vehicle is a few years old (a J Reg.). So we said kinda ‘no’ from an Army perspective.

But today, it’s crunch time. The guy who offered the ambulance really needs to get rid of it because he can’t store it where he has been storing it any longer so we had to make a decision.

What we are hoping to do is run the ambulance privately and see if we can do some Kingdom business with it! There will be a little bit of conversion needing done to the inside, but hopefully not too much. It will need a bit of a paint job on the outside too (with it being an ambulance and all that!)

Sounds crazy…probably is…but hey, if it doesn’t work we an sell it and use the cash for the Army. Now all I need is a crazy (but wealthy) person willing to send some cash our way to help get it sorted….! Pray for us, will you? Will keep you updated…if the guy giving us it is ok for us to have it we are ready for business (almost)!

3 thoughts on “Mobile Prayer Centre :o)

  1. Not sure about this one …… I can see this getting in the way of the real vision for Pill. This doesn’t sit well with all the other positive stuff that’s going on (and that you have helped to generate). I keep telling me it’s my ‘fuddy duddy’ side coming out. I get pictures of tax, insurance, running costs and if it doesn’t work who on earth is going to buy a ‘J’ reg ex-ambulance. The guy who has it is giving it away!!! ;]] Sorry to be a damp squib on this one. But that’s how I feel. Think long!!!!! ;-]]

  2. The van will be of no cost to the corps whatsoever. We decided it wasn’t fair for the corps to take it on, thats why we are doing it ourselves. I’ve got a fair bit of faith in Dick who is giving it to us. Not sure he is the kind of guy to dump a damp squib on us, as I’m sure you know. Incidentally, I’ve seen these vehicles selling on ebay for significant amounts. Many people but them to convert into campervans and all sorts…Kebab vans, work vans etc etc.Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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