Vintage Army Renewal 3

Was having a chat with my CSM about the nature of officership and I remembered the following blog that I wrote after coming back from Sessional Reunion and is very much shaped by that few days….I want to share it again. After sharing this, I want to publish what I see as a sort of ‘theology of officership’ because its such a complicated thing and people come at it and understand it in so many ways. The question is, what is needed for today? Have a read….and tune in for ‘Neo-Officership – the way forward!’ (I doubt they will make me General because of it but it may spark discussion!)


Friday, March 18, 2005

Are we in the age of neo-officership…’new expressions of’ officership?I feel quite shattered this morning…well, we got back from London late last night, but really this whole week of intense ‘sharing-with-people’ thing is a drain. So many different people on so many different paths, albeit officership. I’m sure they are all valid paths…I think.

The question that has come to my mind is how much of people’s officership (mine included) is preference driven versus gift driven, how much is personality driven versus God driven? Is my officership as significant as it should be? These are not so much personal doubts but personal fears because there sometimes comes a recognition that even on a personal level you stray away from your fundamental objectives in ministry.

But then I look at where we are in Pill at the moment, at the corps, and can see great signs of God moving in people’s lives and I need to recognise that I have been used by God to do some of this stuff. There is other stuff that I have taken on myself which I know I must lay down. Major Margaret Wickings spoke from Deuteronomy about the paramaters of officership….meaning that there might be things God will annoint in our ministry and things He won’t.I am continually seeking to move onto the next level of personal effectiveness for the Kingdom. It is important for us all.

Life is not a rehearsal…we don’t live in an appointment to practice and then get another go to do the time again…its real life, real people, real possibilities. I think there are some primitive models of officership that are very valid. The same challenge seems to be that in the way that primitive salvationism seems to be igniting soldiers around the world (and its has been labelled neo-salvationism) then perhaps neo-officership is a back to basics officership. What does it look like? What is the purpose of any change of focus…to tickle our ego or to advance the Kingdom?


Well there you go….it comes back to the ‘what are officers sent to do’ issue I highlighted with the change of Commission a few blogs ago. This is a huge issue, not least because Officership has be come so diverse and ‘one size fits any job.’

We are still training officers to be pastors, keepers of a flock. Indeed it is the current General who emphasised the fact that officers weren’t and aren’t commissioned to lead a flock, but to be the leader of a mission team.

Anyway…I hope you will tune in and add you tuppence worth to the discussion!

yours in the fight for primitive officership!

Andrew Clark

2 thoughts on “Vintage Army Renewal 3

  1. Andrew,Greetings ‘Brother’ in the name of Jesus.Read your ‘neo-officership’ with much interest. Share sentiments on our (Debbie and I) return from reunion too. Your final sentence ‘to tickle your ego or advance the kingdom’ jumped out like a ‘sore thumb’ (have had many of them, one on left and on right). Well, I was a bit of rebel as far as God calling me to officership and he certainly didn’t tickle my ego for the sake of tickling my ego to call me and in turn for me an officer today, it certainly doesn’t tickle my ego, but I think, sadly, it does for others. If the calling to officership is about ‘tickling my ego’, I’VE been called for the wrong reason, purpose, plan, vocation, whatever word you can think of – well I might as well do something else. For me then, its my responsibility as well as you and others to ‘advance the kingdom!’ until Jesus comes or calls! Period! Blessings, Matthew.

  2. The phrase “preference driven verses gift driven” stood out to me. I really believe that Officership is all about relationships. No matter what appointment I am given there will be people. If I am gifted for the appointment or if it is far from my preference, God promises to be there. Sometimes my lack of gifting has been the very thing God has used. Maybe I am a bit simple when it comes to all these things but I have found peace in what my husband once said to me. “ We are not called to be blessed, we are called to be faithful.” In being faithful with the “little” things- God has blessed.Serving in New Jersey-

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