Give up your words

SA Social Services need to walk by faith and not by sight.

We think we can talk people out of addiction. We think we can counsel them away from drugs. We think we can re-train their mind to ‘manage’ addiction. We think we can rehabilitate them. We think we can re-settle them in society. We think we can teach them a new lifestyle. We think we do a better job because we call our treatment ‘holistic’.

And because we think all that, we see it more important to use unsaved people with education, skill, learning, great new technologies and programes to acheive that aim. We only insist on management being Christian…I even heard of a story of a centre sending a potential unsaved manager on a course to learn about Christianity so that they could get the job.

That is foolishness. It will only succeed in as much as worldly methods will succeed. The government can offer that. Any agency can offer that. As the body of Christ we can offer much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much muh much much much much much more.

We need to give up our words. There is no amount of talking that will remove from the mind addiction, bondage and oppression. We cannot renew the mind, that is God’s job. There is no amount of counselling that will transform the heart of a man. There is no amount of technology that will so educate a man enough that he will control his life well. You can call it holistic if you like, but if it only pays lip service to the spirit and soul, we waste our time and money.

Only God has the power to set people free, turn their darkness into night, break the chains of bondage and addiction, the power of sin and hell. Only through the Spirit of God can a man or woman be transformed. The only way a person will live life well is if he is living it by faith.

I feel that the Lord’s heart aches as we close him out of our centres. We fail all those who trust us when we set them on their way without lives transformed in the power of Christ.

So what? we lose some funding! But you know what else? God will release his treasure when he is honoured. I would sell the shirt on my back in order to release my finances to an Army Social Services that says to the world ‘we have nothing to offer you but Christ, no power but through prayer, no wisdom except by God.’

The foolishness of God is wiser than mans wisdom, says the word.

Salvation Army, will you march by faith and not by sight?

in Jesus name

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