So, today we had our main Carol Service in the town next door. It went well (with the usual few glitches….like Mary and Joseph forgetting to bring Jesus and Jesus subsequently being passed along the band to appropriate costumed child!) It was great to see people there that we’ve contacted through street carolling. Things are falling into place well this Christmas in that sort of way. God is good.

We had a guest speaker, Philip Jinadu, a city wide evangelist who came and preached with clarity. We pray that his message would resonate in hearts.

It wasn’t a polished perfect service, but I feel that God will use it mightily.

I’ve been really proud of our little band and songsters responding so well to a busy carroling programme. I guess there may be some in the corps who think it will be a bit too much but our ministry is so vital at this time of year. Many larger corps near us have nowhere near as busy a programme!

I remember the impact that discovering that the most influential person in my pre-Christian life was a Salvationist at Christmas time. That man playing in a Salvation Army band made me get myself into a Salvation Army hall to find out what it was he had. I guess thats why our Christmas ministry captures me. It was another link in the chain that lead to my salvation the October afterwards. I love it…I’d carol til the cows come home if it will being one person a few links closer to the cross! Oh God give us the heart for witness, keep us from bowing out.

On another level, it has been a significant week in a lot of ways. God seems to be sending a family back to us (5 adults and 4 kids) and I’ve been glad to spend a lot of time with them this week. They will need a lot of encouragement and welcoming back gently, but this may well be an answer to our prayer for workers for the field.

The quirky thing is that God’s been using me tonnes pastorally this week (there..I admitted it) and I’ve enjoyed it (see, I admitted that too). I guess the difference is that it dealing with real issues and not simply unholy grumbles.

So…here I am facing this week and I need God’s sustaining grace to run the race this week.

My heart is bursting for souls. Come on God, do your work!

in Jesus,

One thought on “Carols!

  1. I thought it was great, and to be quite honest I’m not so sure I want it ‘perfect and polished’ …….. I just like to feel we’ve done our best and some for the Lord. I guess quite a few will remeber the Baby Jesus being passed along the Wind Band to Mary but even that has its own message when you consider how Jesus was passed along from Herod to Pilote to the Sanhedran and back and forth ……… Philip was superb just the right balance of humour, personal touches and a real gospel call. Well led both of you. I would say one of the better Carol Services at Portishead ….. certainly in attendance ….. maybe we make it a ‘Civic’ one next year?????Oh by the way ….well impressed on the ‘quirky’ paragraph :-)) … I’m seeing real answered prayer for that family and all joking aside it really needed someone like you to make that move. Hallejulah!!Petros

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