I should try the lottery…

Captain Gordon Cotterill thinks that I should try the national lottery! Last week I entered a competition on the Salvation Army UK website to win a pair of tickets to go to ‘Celebrate Christmas’ Carol Service at the Royal Albert Hall….and guess what….I won!

The challenge was to tell of the most unusual place you’ve ever had a carol service:

“the most unusual carol service I can recollect was during my time serving in inner city Glasgow a couple of years ago. Each week we were involved, with another church, at a soup run in the red light district. From talking to the girls and their ’employers’ that they’d love a carol service, but they were unwilling to come to a hall or church so we decided to throw a street party and carol service on the soup run evening closest to Christmas.
We had live music and carol singing, dancing, tables full of food and drink (non-alcoholic of course!). As well as that, we actually convinced the police not to turn up and they agreed to monitor the street party, in the middle of Glasgow’s red light disctrict, simply by camera although we suspect they might have had some units on standby! There was no violence, every one had a great time…and more than that, the girls had a night off which is the most beautiful result of a prostitues carol party!
We saw several girls come off the streets and into regular employment and into healthier lifestyles through that soup run on the strength of the willingness to throw a party that no-one else would throw for them.
that is definetely the most unusual carol service I’ve had the privelege to attend!”

Unfortunately, I can’t go to the carol service tonight, but hopefully some friends associated with Poplar Corps will go in our place.

Hey…maybe I should try the lottery :o)

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