Roots Report

Well, I enjoyed a fresh and significant Roots this year. A big congratulations to the leadership team who made some good calls in terms of changes to the programme etc. It was a really good weekend. In fact, over the last few years I’ve been getting a little weary (and worried) about Roots but glad that there has been a lot of thought and prayer invested to bring a bit of freshness.

Was great to be part of the pastoral team, great to serve in that way and see what God was doing with people. Great. Great to see some demonic deliverance too…not in a kind of voyeur kind of way, but in that the Spirit was there in power to evict some unwelcome guests!

Highlight of the weekend: well, there were lots but Captain Danielle Strickland’s preach on Sunday evening was a definite highlight. When I have time, I’ll post an edited transcript. I guess over time it might appear at …watch out for it there. Other personal highlight was having the opportunity to link up with Stephen Court, Andrew Bale and Carol Young (not to mention the other 200 odd people we know :o) )

So, yeah, if you weren’t at Roots this year you missed good time. Will add a further report a bit later.


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