Roots Report 2

Hi…well, there are loads of things I want to blog about Roots.

First thing I guess, is the problem of translation. I think everyone has trouble with that. You go away, have a great time, come back and then wonder where to start.

God did some major confirming for me personally at Roots. The things that good friends prayed over and into my life and ministry were astounding…so much affirmation from God. In one case, a real confirmation of what God is doing right now.

Thankfully, there are some people in life that you don’t need to tell exactly whats going on in your heart and mind because by the Spirit they instinctively know. I was pretty low before going to Roots…you know, baby, sleepless nights, etc etc. But also with a huge concern over my head with the corps, not necessarily something to share here, but something that was worring me.

Now, I’m not a ‘worrying’ person…don’t see the point of it. And the reason for that was re-affirmed…God has it all in hand, I don’t need to worry. It won’t add anything to me.

Secondly, I guess that I was reminded about who I am, what and who God has called me to be. Now, I don’t lose sight of that too often but now and again I need an injection of the Spirit to bring it into sharp focus. I’m a Salvation Army Officer committed to the spiritual renewal of His Army and the winning of the world for God, starting just where we are. Jesus gave me a vision, again, of that same thing. Its a refreshing vision. Confirmation again.

Thirdly, I love Salvation Army people. I mean…what other church can boast of such a depth of fellowship within its number? I spoke to literally hundreds of people I knew…so many special people. It was great.

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