Roots Report 3

Yeah, so, um…report 3.

My vision…I was in the prayer tent after hours in a session where Captain Danielle Strickland encouraged us to do something in prayer. I guess it was about listening to Jesus. She told us to see in our minds eye a place where we are meeting Jesus, what does he say to us, what do we say to him, what game to we play, what place is it.

I was standing outside a traditional church building on a remote Scottish island looking down the hill into the village. There are the cross roads of the village was Jesus standing looking up the hill beckoning me to come down into the village with his hand.

I had seen that village before. Its the village that I had pictured in my mind when I read the book Sounds of Heaven about the Hebridean Revival where after the service one evening, as people left the church, the Holy Spirit came upon them and the whole village knelt in repentance and tears on the ground in the middle of the village.

I’d be tempted to say it was a confirmation of a call back to Scotland, but its not, I know that. (Not that I am not called back, but thats not what it was about). Jesus was simply encouraging me towards that place. Revival in the village. We’ll need to unpack that I’m sure, but it all is very exciting when combined with some prophetic words Stephen Court prayed into my life which, too, were great words of encouragement and confirmation.

I’m reluctant to share what Stephen spoke…I’ve got a sense that they were just for me at this time although they do have wider implications which we’ll just wait on the Lord for.

Yep…I guess I was reminded that I’m a charismatic nutter at heart and another bit shout from God to be what he’s made me in spite of what others would have me be.



4 thoughts on “Roots Report 3

  1. It’s me again.I’ve been reading a book on an old Methodist evangelist called Herbert Silverwood, which I bought today. (see my blog) I don’t know if this is relevant to your village vision but I just read this,One of the reasons for Herbert’s success as an evangelist (success only in the sense that he was in the place, geographical and spiritual where God could use him) was his concern for village evangelism.”It would be so easy to by-pass the villages and concentrate on the towns but the villages represent the grass rooos of evangelistic thrust in Britain we dare not ignore them.”There has been much cultural change since Herbert Silverwood said that but it seemed to connect with what you wrote so I thought I’d pass it on.Carol

  2. Yup…whilst my heart is not really for rural settings (I’m much more at home in the city) I’m in a village at the moment and I’ve experienced that God’s heart beats for the villages too. Incedentaly, there has been prayer for our village to be revived for years and years…were just starting to help people realised that the prayer must be accompanied by powerful evangelism! Its like we hear God say ‘Go into all the world’ and we say ‘actually God…thats too difficult so we’re just gonna pray that you’ll do it instead’ when all along he told us to ‘go!’So..I’m going!

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