Roots Report 4

Yup…urm…number 4.

Whilst everyone was off trying to get their voice recorded on the Roots Big Band Worship CD, I was in a dark recess of the Floral Hall complex in Southport in a little late night discussion with Captain Stephen Court, Major David Taylor, Lt-Col Prema Rajan, Major Margaret Yuill and Corps Mission Secretary Jani Rubery on mission.

There were around 20 of us there in the end. I was alarmed again about the vague comprehension of what our mission is, moreover, what mission is! The UK evangelical culture is full of doubt about the nature of mission. Its all to do with not wanting to offend people and about feeling we mustn’t offer the gospel where it isn’t asked for.

I listened (holding my tongue) for the first 45 minutes, when just before the end I made my contribution about the urgency of mission and the fact that we must make it our mission ‘snatch people from the fire’ of hell. People responded well…because..actually…people in their heart of hearts know what mission is – its just that our strange culture always asks us to ‘tone it down.’

There is a strange idea that is going around…the idea that the more you know of God the less certain you get of what he is calling you to do. Thats strange to me. The more I get to know God the more I know exacly what he wants us to do. Thats nor arrogance, thats simply hearing and responding to God’s requests.

Anyway, Stephen Court offered a helpful analogy for mission. He said something like:

“Mission is about trying to capture a hill.” (Sorry if I am misquoting you Stephen).

He went on to say that the ultimate aim of mission is to win the world for Jesus, to win the war one hill at a time. To me thats a helpful analogy. I know where my hill is, its our corps district. You see, for some thats too simplistic…but who said that mission was a complicated thing? Its complex in that you’re always trying to fight the war, but its simple when we keep our aims clearly in view.

So…go and capture your hill.


2 thoughts on “Roots Report 4

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve not got anything intelligent to add but thought I’d post on my blog about how we tried to win our hill today. God bless Carol

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