Roots Report 6

Hi again…sorry..I need to blog all this stuff before I forget it!

I was interested in a couple of things that Major Chick Yuill said in his Bible studies. I can’t remember exactly how he got round to it (and I didn’t buy the CD) but he said something interesting about power and the church.

He commented that the church was never intended to have a position of power. When the church is given a position of power it is more often than not abused. Look at the example of the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican church, Church of Scotland etc etc. The aim of the church, when it is given power, it to maintain and hold onto that power. I see that a lot in our village.

Anyway, Chick says that we should be influential rather than powerful. Salt influences all that it touches, it doesn’t control it. Light illuminates its subject and brings understanding, it doesn’t possess it. Thats a good thought.

There are too many in the church looking for power, and when they get it, they become obsessed by keeping it.

Let us be like Jesus who considered equality with God something not to be grasped but who took the nature of a servant. But God raised him to a position that no-one could ever give him on earth because of his servitude (cf Philippians 2).

There is a great danger in being yoked unevenly. In relationships, in organisation, in business, in everything. Let us be yoked to Christ alone…let us carry the death of Jesus around in our bodies (cf 2 Cor 4) so that our light might shine out of earthen vessels that Jesus may be eminent in his body..not our seeking after power.

So..thanks for that Chick. Lets seek to be influential, not powerful.

yours primitively,


3 thoughts on “Roots Report 6

  1. Andrew,Thanks for all your Roots reports – was up long enough even to see report 6 – all stirring stuff – couldn’t be there this year – sorry missed a great time,eh? Well being on island comes with issues of balancing between commitment to the cause here or paying all that money to get off, to travel all those miles too and there is issue of time in order to get there(albeit I think colleagues from Shetland were there).Did you get Danielle’s new book, ‘Chaotic Order’? I see they sold out at Roots.Trust you, Tracy and ‘weans’ are well, thinking and praying for you each lots.In Jesus, Matthew & Debbie.

  2. Hey mate,Couldn’t agree with you more about power vs influence. I guess that’s the way of the cross as well!Power is something that seems to obsess some of our leaders. That worries me. Thanks for your reports, mate. Wish I was as disciplined as getting my thoughts down!Ah well, back to the sermons for Sunday!

  3. Andrew,This reminds me of a talk I heard by Tony Campolo and Steve Chalke. You might have been there, it was in Glasgow.They were talking about how the Church is called to show love rather than exhert power. Love, they said, is a position of weakness… not of power.Bizarrely, God uses weakness to great effect, so that’s not a bad position to be in 🙂

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