He is Lord…

The first Tuesday of the month is our corporate prayer meeting. We proclaimed Jesus’ Lordship of our corps again on Tuesday night and we did a bit praying into prophecies given at Roots.

Again and again, we proclaim Jesus’ Lordship over our corps…usually it comes about when one of the people in the prayer meeting has encountered an example of someone trying to usurp Jesus of his rightful place. It happens…and I suspect it happens even more when big bad captain isn’t there to police the place! Of course, the last month or so have been difficult becuase with the baby we’ve been on leave more than at the corps and meetings have been covered by others to help out.

I suppose one of my niggles came back to me at Roots…the fact that I can’t stand some of the stuff that goes on in corps. You know…gossip, back biting, power games, etc etc. What is that all about? I don’t have a lot of patience with it and don’t respond gracefully…I don’t see Jesus responding gracefully to situations which angered him to be honest. The church is supposed to be his family, his bride without spot wrinkle or blemish

There is only one answer to these problems…holiness with a good dose or repentance and an aknowledgement of who exactly runs the show…our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ.

Still…the Lord speaks and we respond to his Word. We look forward to his promises and rejoice that he lets us know what he wants to do. But we don’t forget the conditions of his promises….when will we forsake our wicked ways, humbles ourselves, seek his face and pray?

2 thoughts on “He is Lord…

  1. AndrewSome encouragement from the new TC, quoted from this week’s Salvationist:”It was the late Archbishop William Temple who said: ‘The church is the only organisation that exists for the benefit of its non-members!’ Where pettiness, self-serving and blinkered approaches still exist, join me in praying that God will be honoured in our agendas, priorities and passions. Lord, may we be humble, teachable and obedient as we seek to serve the present age, our calling to fulfil.”Your irrepressibly under Christ and over the devil!Amen!

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