Yes…still alive…just….

Its never really my intention to blog once a week, but alas it has been a week…and what an interesting week! Every Kingdom week is interesting…always something new, yet always something familiar as the devil seems to never tire of the same old tactics.

Been involved in a little bit of a prayer protest against the Jerry Springer the Opera musical which is currently showing in Bristol. Couple of us got sallied up and joined some other brothers and sisters to witness to the Lordship of Christ. This musical really is an abomination to the Lord. The worrying thing is the apathy amongst the body of Christ in that only around 100 prayer protesters have turned up to any one showing…a little bit poor. Anyhow, some good opportunities for witness. We managed to pray up a power cut last night, so that wasn’t too bad. More Lord! Narrowly involved being beaten up by a rather irate woman. Hallelujah!

In other news…currently writing up our corps review for presentation. Interesting…I ask myself: did it go far enough? will it make a significant difference? does it prioritise the plight of the lost? will it help us actively disciple our soldiers and equip them as warriors? Hm.

Anyway, key themes are prayer, evangelism and discipleship, active invovlement in community. I pray it acheives something as we work towards where God is leading us.

However, this document is simply the framework we’re working on until Holy Spirit revival comes in all its fulness. We want him to come in power. Nothing less will transform our faith community…nothing less will change our wider community. So we pray for revival…but we also acompany that prayer with the preaching of the gospel and with service until He comes in power.

Captain Matt Clifton has an interesting post over at Future Fire about the exile experience of The Salvation Army…I reccomend it.

2 thoughts on “Yes…still alive…just….

  1. Regarding the part on Jerry Springer… I am afraid that I cannot agree with your actions or your celebration of the results. For I believe that there are much bigger things which are “abominations” against Christ than some “comedy” opera. Even if for some bizarre reason I did have issues with the opera I would never protest it mainly for I believe that there are issues of greater magnitude which need to made more public than this such as helping homeless, protesting human trafficking, or doing a billion other things of much greater worth.Just think how many hungry people the protestors could have fed, how much awareness of the evil acts of slavery and greater injustices could have been made. An opera pales into meaninglessness when I see one child crying in hunger.

  2. You’re entitled to your opinion of course…I’d just add that we must fight the war on more than one front, and this is a pretty serious one by Gods standards I’d say. He isn’t too fond of blasphemy (check 10 Commandements).

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