On Covenant

Oh dear, oh dear…the bloggin standards are slipping! Note to self: thou shouldst bloggeth more often.

Today is the 25th of May. It is exactly two years since I signed my officers covenant. This covenant has had strength. It has kept me, urged me on, delighted me, blessed me simply because God is keeping his side of the deal of returning his equipping to me.

The fruit of two years ministry? Well, its there but not sure its what it could have been. I guess there is some fruit I may never know.

When I signed my covenant at the mercy seat in the Assembly Hall at the college, it wasn’t like I expected it would be. Yes, there was that sort of final consecration type thing, but I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I’d be. In fact, although this was the ‘arrrival point’ to which I’d been heading for 7 or 8 years, the excitement I though would be there wasn’t.

Rather, I had an overwhelming sense of humility that God had granted me this opportunity, as I am sure many an officer can testify to. There is no better job in the world (even although it comes with a fair load of stuff to deal with!).

I openly confess, however, that I find it difficult to work out my covenant in the context I am in. I’ve never denied that we have been called to Pill for a special purpose, but I have also never denied the fact that I feel called to the city or to the large town. Its a God thing. It has always been there, I can’t shake it.

Ever since I was a young teenager (around 15), every week, mostly on my own, I’d spend my pocket money on some tins of soup and some bread and I’d get the 40 minute train to Glasgow and find me some people to eat, chat and pray with. During ministry at Dennistoun I was involved in street work and at training college I was on the team that used to patrol Soho talking to the bouncers and girls on the doors and to the guys camped out in doorways.

I miss my people! I miss the council estate. I am not really much good at being ‘The Officer’ in the kind of culture we have in Pill where the clergy are a breed apart, where you have to wear your false face and your cloak of respectability. I don’t fit in there, and I don’t try.

Its that time when we think and pray if we should be moving on. Come the end of the year the DC will probably be having the discussion with us…should we stay or should we go. What I want most is God’s will. Ultimately, it has been his choosing to send us here and it will be his to keep us here or move us on.

4 thoughts on “On Covenant

  1. When I signed my Officer’s Covenant, it was a very solemn occasion, with quiet music playing, and cadets taking turns kneeling at the mercy seat to sign (we started out with 64 in my session, not sure how many we ended up with but it still took a long time). Ever the obedient one, I did as I was told (unspoken rule was to be quiet), but I was just dying to jump up and yell “woo-hoo!” I was SOOOO happy!I think it might have been in part because I had already been out of the SFOT for a year as a cadet-lt., so it was great to finally be a “real” officer. But I was also just so thrilled that God would let me do this.I considered it one of the most important and significant moments of my life, right up there with my wedding day. The actual commissioning meant a lot less to me than signing The Covenant.

  2. Just been reading your blogs from June 04 when you arrived in the ‘trenches’ of Pill….. The war is still raging and people are still dying without Christ (as you know more than most!) The rocket you spoke about then had been primed to go off. God lit the touch-paper through you…. its been fizzing and sparking ever since – it is going to go off in the corps in one way or another….. I hope and pray that you will be there when it does, God willing!!!

  3. It was 24 years ago today since Alan and I signed our officers covenant. To be honest I don’t remember that much about the occasion. Commissioning was the big day for me. However I do testify to the fact that covenants can be kept.There have been times when we have lost our focus but the Holy Spirit has faithfully drawn us back to a passion for the lost, a love for his word and a desire to live holy lives. We are as excited about being SA officers today as we were at the beginning of our service. However if Alan insists on wearing his long service badge when we get them next year we might need separate appointments!!!Who knows what God has in store for you? I am sure that the best is yet to be. Keep on believing Amen and God blessCarol

  4. Thanks for the comments. A note to Anonymous…I only plan on going if its God’s plan…I reckon we’ve got a bit more to do yet at Pill…my guess is that we will be hanging around, but, ultimately, its not in my hands (thankfully).:o)

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