:o) We do like Pill…its been an interesting journey so far…don’t really plan on leaving unless we are told/asked to. :o)

Just in case anyone was planning of getting the flags out…!

Talking about flags…we will, of course, be flying the Blood and Fire from our newly renovated VW camper van. She (Daisy) gets her maiden voyage on Monday in all her newly painted and decorated glory! We are off camping somewhere…not telling you where!

I was once asked to describe what vehicle the Salvation Army is like. I replied…the Volkswagen Camper. Why? Here goes:

Its retro, slightly quaint and with a colourful past…its also experiencing a bit of a resurgence! Its practical, mechanically simple, slow on hills (see my blog below on ‘taking a hill’). Expensive to maintain, always a pleasure to invest in it. Its rusty enough not to get over proud about it. Moreover, its comfortable, big enough to get your family in, but small enough to maintain intimacy. You can fit a load of people in it. You can sleep in it, have a cup of tea and a meal in it.

Not to mention community…its impossible to pass another VW camper owner without being greated with such an enthusiastic wave, honk or flashed lights. It turns heads…grabs attention. Its a pleasure to be a driver in it although it is slightly hard work on the steering (ha ha…you should have been at our corps council last week :o)

My case proved…The Salvation Army and the Volkswagen Camper belong together…maybe thats why I love them both. Praise the Lord!

Pictures of Daisy will follow soon…bet u can’t wait…

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