Don’t tell DHQ yet, but we are just back from holiday! (Forgot to tell them…oops!) We had a lovely 5 days at a campsite at the foot of the Malvern Hills In Worcester…not far from home, but far enough to be anonymous! I only wore an Army T-shirt for one day on holiday but I did have a big flag stuck to our awning…just can’t help myself.

You will remember ‘Daisy’ the campers first appearance here as resplendant orange and rust with flowers…here she is set up for camp in her new coat.

2 thoughts on “Ahhh….holiday

  1. :o) I didn’t say it was an unofficial holiday…I just said we hadn’t got round to telling them yet! :o)Nice to hear from hope…been great to read Charlie Chikankata too. Our CSM used to serve in Zambia…I sent him your blogpage, he will probably be in touch.

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