So much going on

There has been so much going on its impossible to blog it all. We are still in a curious period of chaos at the corps as the implications of the review are hitting the proverbial fan. Also experiencing a the huge ‘Amen’ of God though, and really feeling that some of the things we’re embarking on are significant.

Firstly, Freedom in Christ Ministry material. It looks like it will be revolutionary. The leaders of the corps have agreed to have a ‘freedom appointment’ to deal with strongholds and stuff. We will then hopefully be able to lead others in the corps through the process.

Secondly, we’re going Ward wise! We’re launching out in cell stlye over the next few years. Wards are old Army prototypes of wards. We’ve kept the name because its marginally better than cells, but there are some added extras to the ward concept that cell doesn’t have…will expound on that later.

In other news:

Firstly, I’ve been doing a fair bit of personal study, books, CDs, internet, on what is called the Jezebel spirit. I (unpopularly) believe that this spirit is manifesting itself in the corps…I guess I notice it more because I’m the ‘Elijah’ it is manifesting against! So…we continue to try and live in the opposite spirit, submiting to God, resisting the devil and refusing to give it any excuse until I have the slightest idea how to deal with it more effectively.

Secondly, had a sudden recognition about an hour ago with regards to the fact that when we eventually move corps, we will have to start all over again in a lot of things! *Sigh*

Thirdly, the battle of personal obedience proves in so many ways, to be crucial in the fight of a leader. Some areas are more down than up, yet other areas are strong. God is gracious, but God forbid that I should ever purposely trample the blood of Christ underfoot. Pressing on deeper in holiness.

Fourthly, my gaelic is slowly improving and we’re looking forward to a trip to Barvas on the Isle of Lewis (Scotland) in October. Been feeling strangely interested in the Western Isles for a while now…looking forward to visiting. Haven’t got round to visiting Captains Matt and Debbie on Orkney yet, but you never know…we might make it before the get re-appointed elsewhere!

Fifthly….urm….also looking forward to a weekend in Devon coming up (we’ve told DHQ this time..and about our last holiday!!)

So…thats not even half of it!

9 thoughts on “So much going on

  1. Good to have you blogging again. Would love to talk to you about Cell stuff sometime. Having benefited from the Freedom in Christ stuff ourselves we have used it effectively with a number of individuals over the years.We pray that it will help release many people into liberty in your area. I do believe that it needs to be combined with good Salvation Army holiness teaching so that people are not only concentrating on getting rid of their rubbish but led to the point of putting their all on the altar for God to set on fire and use. I know that’s your passion too.Our prayers are with you especially about the Jezebel spirit. It needs careful handling. Don’t leave off one piece of armour! If you need particular prayer cover at any time do let us know.God blessCarol

  2. i am truly amazed…but not suprised..that you haved able to leave your post and take a holiday without reprimand of any sort of failing to give notice of this..just confirms my opinion that current crop of army officers pretty useless and in it for the job and perks and little and address if you it

  3. how comes you can leave your post..go on holiday..not tell your DC and get away with this…anyone on another job would be in dead trouble i would wonder your army is going down the drain so on old chap its all pretty poor rubbish so far as i can see

  4. Hi Carol…yeah, we hope to use it in context of preaching ministry and small group work in the context of ongoing teaching…thats important. Still, its useful material that we’re praying God will use for his glory.

  5. Hey brother,Just came across these comments…as someone who is in the ‘field’ with Andrew and Tracy let me just say that I know few officers who have such a passion and drive for their appointment. They wouldn’t want me defending them, but they are exemplorary. I guess I’m one of the current crop too…and useless…Praise the Lord! I say that simply because God has a habit of using useless people like us to do his work…so all the glory goes to him.Give me a thousand Clarks anyday.

  6. Andrew,Just catching up on blog and promise I’ll blog again soon. Comments from anon unacceptable – do they really know of such sacrifice and the obedience to respond to God’s call – think again.Western Isles eh – Capts. James & Morag Sabiston move to Stornoway in July and have you read ‘Sounds of Heaven’ by Colin & Mary Peckham based on revivals there?God Bless you each, Matthew.

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