Labour Again

This came to me in prayer. Test it, weight it, keep what is of value, the rest is me!

O Salvation Army you chose to neglect the hardship of labour which I have decreed will bring forth fruit from your womb.
The barrenness of your womb matches the barrenness of your hearts which takes heed not to my holy standard.
I would see you in my presence if it were not for the wall that offends me, the sin that grieves me.
For the birth I gave you on the streets of this nation has been despised of you and you desire higher courts that you might ease your pain.
Like Ceasar of old you have taken the knife to the belly wherein the burden of souls lies and castrated it, spilling life into death.
O that you would sweat and toil and wail and mourn and pray and work and breathe my presence, for my presence will be sweet comfort in toil.

O Salvation Army come and find your place in my court through the alleys and garbage of the hearts of men which you have healed in your toiling by my grace. Lift up your head and see the land prepared. Take up your tents from where you have settled them and pioneer a new place for this is what my plan is for you.

Arise from exile of ease and labour until the Lord of Lords shall come in His Glory. Then you shall see me and rejoice for my hand will be upon you for you ahve done what is righteous in my sight.

The Lord has loved you with a covenant love which is unfailing and with that strength of commitement to you He calls you to rise that you might be find favour in His sight.

4 thoughts on “Labour Again

  1. AndrewCheck out Ezekiel 16 – both Matt C and I have considered this chapter to be a potted history of TSA – the language and imagery fits in with your word.Thank you for this.PS I saw another word recently that spoke of the sin of Acash. This sin (see Joshua 7) concerned the taking back of things which had hitherto been devoted. As you know I have believed for some time that rediscovering holiness will prove to be the salvation of The Salvation Army. We need to renew our covenant and set ourselves apart afresh.I believe that a lack of personal holiness and our neglect of this Salvationist essential (in our teaching and preaching) is a major part of the ‘sin in the camp’ that offends God so much.Love and prayers Andrew

  2. How did we become so tired that we stopped teaching holiness? How were we distracted? A growing bureaocracy? Being busy on the wrong things? I wished as I often do while reading your post that God would give me prophetic words in that way, but he does not – it is not my gift. He has come to me several times through dreams though, in various ways, and left an indelible impression. Always gentle, always fierce and always tender. The one that guides my walk at the moment was a dream/vision conversation with Mother Teresa at a moment when I felt overwhelmed and distracted. “Give them Jesus” was all she said. I think that still speaks to the heart of what I feel about where the army is, and what I need to know to give effective service. It leads me straight back to the need for holiness.

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