One more…

Had a good day yesterday, enrolled a soldier…fine young teenager with a lot of potential. Praying that God will engineer circumstances that will enable her to prosper in her ministry.

We had some visits in the meeting from other corps for the occasion…they all sat in a clump. Several people commented to me how static they all looked. We had a fairly lively meeting yesterday morning, lively worship, and they all stood there, hands at their sides, straight faces and wondering what had hit them. We at Pill think we’ve got a long way to go in worship, but I was reminded that we’re getting places that others have yet to go. Anyway, it was a good meeting.

Do you ever come across those people who love to spoil everyone’s enjoyment of a meeting? You know, the ones who express their disgust at children making a noise, or someone asking a question in the meeting, or even someone shouting hallelujah? They don’t enter into worship and come to the meetings just waiting to be mortally offended (again). We have one particular person who walks out of maybe 50% of our meetings and make a fuss as they go. Phenomenal people really…content to dwell in a state of misery, lacking any degree of joy. We are at pains for them, because there experience is not one of freedom in Christ, but of bondage.

The baffling complexities of corps life!

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