I’m impressed. I felt in my spirit that I should share the prophetic word below with the General…so I did. Its not something I normally do, or have ever done. I didn’t for a minute guess that he’d reply, but he did (within 24 hours) in spite of the fact that he is out of the office and the fact he’s the general!

I’ve send emails of a more urgent nature to officers much ‘lower’ than the General and waited a lot longer (if you get a reply at all!).

4 thoughts on “Impressed

  1. Oooh – you must be honoured. To be honest, I think much of what you wrote would chime with the General’s own heart and vision for the Army at the moment. As a lower officer, please forgive me for slow emails…!(tongue placed firmly in the cheek!)

  2. The General is a good man and believes in effectibe Officers and soldiers (and he believes in holiness – hallelujah).He is also – as you have discovered yourself – accesible, approachable and responsive 🙂

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