Its alarming how quickly things can change. We are three years out of Scotland now.

I was watching a programme on BBC Scotland the other day (via sattelite) and it was followed by the BBC national news. Now, by this time I had forgotten I was still on BBC Scotland so ended up watching ‘Reporting Scotland’ which is the BBC local news.

Apparently the Socialist MSP, Tommy Sheridan had resigned leadership of the Scottish Socialist Party and was now facing a court trial on some sort of sleaze charges for visiting some sort of brothel in Manchester. What amazed me is that (in a non-surprised kinda way) it was sex that brought him down. I don’t necessarily agree with his politics, but he was a man of strong principal in public life, he stood for the oppressed, and he was a bold politician (even if he was slightly conroversial and anarchic, certainly not a loyal citizen of Her Majesty either!).

Rightly or wrongly, he often went as far as being arrested and spending time in prison for his political beliefs yet risked everything on a seedy night in a brothel.

I wonder if we are guilty of prostituting the values of the real Kingdom away on things of much or little value?

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