The thing about ministry is that you often have to grapple with who you are, what God’s called you to, and in areas where there are situations that would seek to divert you, you must work hard to focus.

I went into our Sunday evening meeting last weekend with my head doing summer-saults (if that’s how you spell it) as I grappled with this issue yet again. As a result, I chucked away my notes and spoke about embracing who God made us to be, and living that live unapologetically, intentionally and passionately. Just focusing on that reassurance that God uses the weak things of the world to confound the wise.

Later, some of our young people were at a youth celebration in the city and I was there worshipping away, wrapped up in the spirit, praying and singing away in tongues when God gently refreshed again my call to being renewed and being an agent of renewal…something that can easily get lost when you have to deal with a whole load of other stuff going on.

When I need re-focussing, I read Geoff Ryan’s challenging set of essays, ‘Sowing Dragons.’ Thoroughly reccommended..youcan still buy a copy at A must read, but don’t read it expecting not to be thoroughly annoyed, disturbed, moved and excited about the calling of the salvationist.

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