Salvationist Elephants

Gordon Cotterill over at UrbanArmy offers a helpful quote:

“when elephants fight, its the grass that gets trampled.”

I can certainly sympathise with Gordon, and with the grass, in these days for our Territory and indeed for the worldwide Army, because this thing truly has wide reaching implications. For those of you who have no idea what we’re on about, you’re blessed.

I can see a little from both elephant’s point of view, but actually I’m not interested in that at all, I am just interested in protecting the grass and praying that people who are close to the elephants will be able to minister in such a way that there will be resolution and reconcilliation.

As General Shaw Clifton says in his book, New Love:

“Holiness is not an exemption from temptation. It is not moral perfection or infallibility. Mistakes will still abound. Holiness does not make a man all-seeing or all-knowing. Hence, the believer needs to recognise that the holy life can still encompass error and that our errors can still hurt others. In the holy life, ‘I am sorry, please forgive me’ will be words readily upon the lips and frequently spoken.”

As Major Chick Yuill says in his book, This means War:

“Leaders are at best only human, they too can make mistakes, and they too are accountable for their actions. There are occassions when issues need to be raised, or when Christian leaders need to be challenged with regard to wrong decisions. But the person who cannot accept authority or who spends so much time quarrelling with his leaders that he has neither time nor energy to fight the devil will be of no use in spiritual warfare…

The devil works more evil through damaged relationships than through anything else. He loves nothing more but to wreck the church from within. A Christian fellowship where there is bitterness and discords among its members is one of the devil’s greatest delights. Unsaved people will never be attracted to the gospel by that kind of Church…and the likelihood that the members will so exhaust themselves in fighting with each other that the devil can be assured that there is no danger of any spiritul warfare from that quarter.”

Wise words from wise men.

God bless us all.

5 thoughts on “Salvationist Elephants

  1. Friends, thanks for comments, but I really don’t want to be talking about the politics etc of current days, I just simply want to encourage prayer for the situation and promote unity.All I’d say is that whatever church system you have it will be imperfect because its operated by humans. We must simply pray that God will be honoured. Sorry for deleting your comments. I will also delete other comments on this topic. Thanks

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