Pill goes all Wardy!

I’m now the leader of a Ward Corps! Our Ward System kick-started this week and its been great to see so many of our corps folk plugging into bible study, prayer, fellowship and accountability. Thats probably about more people coming to mid week fellowship than we’ve had coming to mid-week studies all year! We pray it continues, gains momentum and becomes an expanding network for effectively reaching our communities. We talk about communities here because we have several small communities in our charge…and we are just beginning to get to grips with reaching these.

I have four Ward Sergeants, four Assistant Ward Sergeants plus ourselves leading a ward until we can develop some more leadership. We also lead the leaders Ward…the leaders meet together monthly for their own benefit and for a little bit of training, teaching, feedback etc…I guess you could call it a really functional PCC!

The system is in its infancy, and will take a good little while to take shape fully, but praise God we’re started, and even after a week there is so much positive stuff. All the wards have met now, apart from mine which meets next Monday evening.

The benefits of this system already, is that I feel much more confident that we can care for our people pastorally. The Ward Leaders (collective term for Ward Sergeant and Assistant Ward Sergeant) are the first point of contact for our people, who have all been linked up with a ward. So, instead of two sets of eyes looking out, we now have so much more. We should be able to avoid people falling though the cracks. I’m chuffed about that.

Potential problems? I feel very strongly that the evangelistic nature of the ward needs emphasis, ensuring that they don’t become insular.

We are using materiel by Neil T Anderson, Freedom in Christ as the teaching element, which is so eye – opening. I was ‘supervising’ our youth ward last night and it was such a blessing to see some major biblical teaching sinking into the young people.

I’ve had a burden for the ‘freedom’ of the people of this corps since we arrived, with a strong feeling that so many walk tied up in baggage and restriction. Just praying that the Lord will use this material to see people getting untied!

I’ll be sure to keep this blog up to date with developments in the Ward journey. Keep watching!


4 thoughts on “Pill goes all Wardy!

  1. Isn’t this Cell Church?Sounds good anyway. We are having a Renewal Week-end next week, doing similar stuff to NT Anderson material with more than a bit of Brengle thrown in. All crucial stuff.You are in our prayersGod blessCarol

  2. Hi Carol…in a word, yes. The Army had a system of cells going on in the early 1900s which they fooloishly abandonded. The reason that we are a Ward Corps as opposed to a Cell Church is mainly aesthetic. Why reinvent a pefectly good wheel in a style and language no-one in this 120 year old corps understands clearly. We don’t want to lose our Army identity, and whilst what we are doing is a version of cell, to call it cell would put a lot of people off straight away.I’d be happy to email you our blueprint if you’d be interested.Good to hear the Brengle coming out in combination with Andersons stuff…Anderson has a slightly different view on holiness as I am sure you’ve noticed.Your messge made me smile because our dog is called Commissioner Brengle…I had all sorts of funny images going through my mind! :o)Andrew

  3. Yes please to the blueprint of your ward system stuff. Commissioner Brengle is a bit of a mouthful to shout at your dog in park!! What do you call him for short?God blessCarol

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