Perceiving Heaven’s Glory

We can, by faith stand at the throne of Heaven…Jesus has opened up the way for us.
He stands as our High Priest, we can access the throne of Heaven because as the Lord’s redemmed we are there now, our Spirit houses the presence of the Lord, God makes us his Holy Tabernacle, we can experience his heavenly glory in our hearts.

Jesus said he has gone to prepare a place for us, well, he has gone, and that place is prepared, we can inhabit it by faith. We are all already promoted to Glory. When we experience the Glory of the Lord, when we understand by faith that we are seated with Christ in the heavenly realms, we discover the richness of heaven. We are called into heavenly citizenship. We live, as Paul says, in the unseen realm by faith. Our faith is supernatural.

The scripture tells is that it is no longer we that live, but Christ who lives in us. I’ve heard a lot of talk around in recent days asking if we’d be so brave as to take a bullet for Jesus. My response to that is that for me to live is Christ and to die is gain, but I think there is a greater challenge in today’s world…to live as walking martyrs.

As Christians, we are the walking dead…already promoted to glory, our old self has been crucified…the challenge for us today is to simply provide a body, a moving and physical for the

When I came to the Lord, I knelt at the mercy seat…it appeared that nothing had happened apart from my repentance. At home, after the meeting I lay on my bed and the electricity of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I heard music from heaven. Orchestrated singing, glory, like I had never heard before…that’s why the accounts from the island of Lewis where people heard heavenly singing is so precious to me.

When we minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit delights to come and fill our souls to over flowing. We have got ourselves to the place where we don’t trust the Holy Spirit moving in power….we say ‘Oh, we don’t pray in tongues in the Army, O we don’t flop out on the floor and we don’t raise our hands or go over the top.” If that’s you then your recollection of Army history is rather shaded and limited by your own personal experience of the Holy Spirits freedom to do what he likes.

Friends, I believe that if we are worshipping in Spirit and in truth, we are functioning fully in the power of the Kingdom and we will experience it in all its fullness, the whole Kingdom and its weaponry are available to us as we walk in faith. As we walk around the world, we should carry with us the aroma of the throne room as ones who have met with the king and been in his presence.

I simply believe that the Lord wants heaven to break loose amongst us, his people. I believe he is here to heal and to minister His Grace, His Charis…from which we get the word, charismatic. Charismatic is simply a term that implies that we are operating in the Spirit of His grace, both in character and power, both in our conduct and in our ministry.

Our prayer is that the Glory of the Lord will come down and rest upon us in power, that as we approach the throne of confidence, so God will supply our needs in Christ Jesus.

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