Le Marechale

In 1881 The Salvation Army sent its first soldiers into France: Captain Kate Booth (after whom my daughter is named), 21 years old and her two Lieutenants.

None of them spoke French.

They carried the first ever Army flag with them. General Catherine Booth’s instructions to her daughter were:

“Carry it to the slums and alleys. Preach under its shadow wherever there are lost and perishing souls. Charge the hosts od hell and see whether they will not turn and flee”

Within a week they were ridiculed, sworn at and pelted with stones and mud. Later she was but in jail.

Kate and her Lieutenants rented the only rooms they could afford in Paris…It was on the seventh floor of a tenament building in the slums of the Rue Parmentier.

It was occupied by prostitutes and rats. They lived on boiled potatoes and beans.

Kate says: “when I went to France, I said to Jesus ‘I will suffer anything if you will give me the keys.‘”

When she was asked the secret of her power in France, she answered “First, it is love; second, love; third, love. And if you ask me hot to get it, I answer first, by sacrifice; second, by sacrifice; third, by sacrifice.”

Makes me feel like a bit of a wimp really.


One thought on “Le Marechale

  1. Thanks for this reality check Andrew. The truth is unless we start to wholly sanctify ourselves and actually become ‘living sacrifices’ we will remain whimps and we will not see revival!Check out my last two blogsLove and prayersAndrew

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