Moving on….whats the next step?

So, we popped into our Christmas Fayre yesterday and also went carolling with our band last night at the switching on of the Christmas lights in the main street through Pill. It wasn’t easy to be there, not so much because of the things that have been going on which led to our having to take some leave, but because of this other situation going on which is most regrettable.

Today is the sort of end to our leave and we have our Divisional Commander (regional leader)coming this evening to chat things over. I suppose what we’re concerned about it coming back still dealing with this big situation, as well as the general corps situation, as well as coming back to the busiest time of the year! Leaving depression aside, as I said yesterday, I think even the most well-held-together officer would be feeling out of sorts today if he were in my shoes!

Inspite of it all, I do feel rather positive and determined. Yet, also sensible. I do know myself fairly well. Dr Rory McKenzie at Glasgow Bible college taught us that “the unreflective live isn’t worth living” and I’ve remembered that ever since. Its important in ministry to keep in touch with yourself.

Althought its been a hard weekend, on Friday night I went Ten Pin Bowling with my son Ben. We had a great time. Scores: Ben:68, Me: 64, Lucy: 62, Tracy: 34.

Ended up at another corps this evening for worship and as the meeting drew to a close, we sang some of my favourite verses:

Dear Lord, I do surrender
Myself, my all, to thee;
My time, my store, my talents,
So long withheld by me.
I’ve heard the call for workers.
The world’s great need I see,
O send me to the rescue,
I’m here, my Lord, send me!

Here am I, my Lord, send me,
Here am I, my Lord, send me,
I surrender all to obey thy call,
Here am I, my Lord, send me.

Too long at ease in Zion
I’ve been content to dwell,
While multitudes are dying
And sinking into Hell.
I can no more be careless,
And say there’s naught to do,
The fields are white to harvest
And laborers are few.

O hear, thou God of Heaven,
The vows that now I make!
To thee my life is given,
‘Tis for the lost world’s sake.
To serve thee I am ready,
Though friends and foes despise,
I now present my body
A living sacrifice.

My consecration is still complete to the Lord. What I confirmed tonight were the words of the second verse…..that I will never, ever, in my ministry be content to let the church be at ease in Zion. And, moreover, that I will never content simply to deal with the squabbling of the sheep at the expense of saving the lost.

You see, I suppose that, unlike some, I have very vivid memories about what ‘lost’ is. I’ve lived a living hell and had been bound for an eternal hell…I know what ‘to be lost’ truly is. For me, that is why although we want people to experience all that God has for them NOW, I want to make sure that they can really enter that NOW in the only way that they can…by repentance and faith, which then secures their eternity by helping them become established in faith. So, snatching the lost from the brink of hell is important to me. Sadly, its not to others…or at least there is a lack of urgency. I don’t understand that…at all.

I can only equate ‘lack of urgency’ in the church to ‘criminality.’ That is why I must be faithful myself to seeking and saving the lost and encourage those under my leadership and influence to be as earnest.

OK, so this blog is rambling, but then thats what the whole thing is about…to get stuff out my brain and into words. Anyway, thats all for now.


One thought on “Moving on….whats the next step?

  1. Hey AndrewTry not to jump in too quickly – it is difficult to take rest again after you have officially gone back to work (speaking from experience) It is a difficult thing when you can see that there is great urgency in saving the lost and others are more content to protect their own patch.Keep at it – it takes time – God will break through and show these people what they need to see. God has used the most interesting of characters to bring the message home to some of our more tradtional members – I’m with you I dont ever want to be happy to just keep the wheels turning – Good luck with your DC visit – hope he is supportive.God BlessGlenda

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