We wrestle not against flesh and blood….

Well, I don’t know what that was…whether it was a retreat, an advance, a stand still or a what? Whatever it was, I’m back at work.

Paul said that we should no longer view things from a worldly point of view. I guess what he means by that is that there is so much more going on in the spiritual realm than we can ever imagine. I also guess he is saying that we shouldn’t just lean on human understanding for understanding situations.

The spiritual reality of this whole situation is that it is simply fierce opposition to our Christian community movong on. Its opposition to our venture into exploring authentic community via our transition into Ward Based corps. Its also opposition in the area of the teaching contained in those Wards, the ‘Freedom in Christ’ material I’ve mentioned before. The enemy doesn’t want God’s people free and they’ve been bound here for so long he has a lot to lose.

The battle is real, the battle is fierce but the victory has already been won in Jesus Christ. We don’t have to feel strong in ourselves in this battle as warriors, because we simply hold the treasure of victory in our little jars of clay and let it be displayed before all men as we rise from adversity in true resurrection faith. Dead to self, alive to Christ. And, ultimately, the battle is the Lord’s.

You see, while all the negative things have been going on, there have been some wonderful developments in the spiritual life of the corps. Our worship together, deepening fellowship and experience of God’s presence have been becoming very real and that’s great. There is simply a cost to pressing on with renewal.


2 thoughts on “We wrestle not against flesh and blood….

  1. I was ready an article written by one of the DC’s in our Territory and he said that sometimes our vision gets blurred becasue we focus on the people that cause us difficulty and in the process we miss the amazing things that God is doing in the lives on the people who quietly go about sometimes unnoticed. It is a good trick of the enemy and these people often take our attention and drain our energy levels – the thing is to focus not on them and their bad behaviour but as you say upon the great things that God is doing and not miss this.God Bless You Glenda

  2. I agree Glenda. Sometimes, however, we need to deal with people who cause trouble though and not simply let them disturb the corps…therein lies the challange! The enemy will use what he can…we must simply not allow ourselves to be used!

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