An Army Cup of Tai Chi

So I casually pick up my recent edition of the Salvationist and have my weekly rummage through. Then, I come to the page describing the recent visit of the Officers from the International College for Officers visiting Reading Central to conduct the meetings. Fine…nice.

But shock, horror, blow me down with a feather, I read that Captain such and such, presumably from an oriental territory, led the congregation in…wait for it….Tai Chi!

Tai Chi is intricately tied up with the practice of Taoism. In order to achieve physical well being, the Tai Chi student must be attuned to the universe by concentrating below the navel section of the body — which is said to be the body’s psychic center. It involves the whole concept of balancing your yin and yang, your positive and negative forces etc.

Tai Chi cannot be rec­onciled with Christianity at all.

When will The Salvation Army wake up to these dangerous practices?

3 thoughts on “An Army Cup of Tai Chi

  1. Tai Chi is, first and foremost, an ancient martial art. It teaches that through slow movement greater precision is reached, as well as a balance in all things ( I also submit the following Christian Matial arts links to perhaps suggest that it is possible to reconcile such things to the Gospel: to say, I think your getting your knickers in a twist over nothing. As for dangerous practices, that could spark a whole year of rants from me about the true dangerous practices within the army, but I’ll save you (and those that read your blog) that.On a quick side note, glad to see you are back in action.

  2. andrew – we totally agree with you – and have spoken against such practises for years, continually being told that we are being silly and it does not really matter. The army seems to be accepting more and more such things and are being blinded by the deceiver. sadly there are many corps/christians that will not worry about such things – and then they will wonder why things are not what they should be in their fellowships. Having been involved in deliverance ministry for some years, we are both very cautious about anything – and would rather people did not touch it, rather than try it. what are your views on freemasonary – is it acceptable for an army band to play in the big london temple? reading reading central band site will tell you its okay!!!

  3. I suppose if you were to ask me who I thought the first person would be to object to this posting, I’d have guessed Luch Kimded :o)Its highly possible that we will never agree on the rights and wrongs of non-Christian practices, and their inherent satanic danger.I do, however, agree that there are some danergous goings on in the Army, possibly not the same ones as you, but can be just as dangerous.The point is, two wrongs don’t make a right.Ian: I know first hand the dangers of masonic activity in a family and a church. Wouldn’t go near it with a barge-pole. Now, if Reading Band were going to evangelise and present the gospel, perhaps a diffenret story…there is no-where we shouldn’t go….but seeing as I understand there is a bit of money involved….well…will I get reported to the TC if I say thats compromise big time? “COMPROMISE BIG TIME”

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