Inter Christmas & New Year Ponderings

Isn’t this time of the year a bit like no man’s land? Its the time of year where every day could quite easily have least the same name and you wouldn’t be any the wiser! Ah well…back to normality soon (whatever normality is!) I always feel very reflective in this no-mans-land time.

My first thought is that I hate the effect of materialism on my children. Quite simply, I’m going to make sure that they don’t have to come face to face with so much stuff again at Christmas. Tracy and I purposely don’t spend much money on the children, knowing well that others truly will. My family, being non-Christian, go especially over the top. All together, I’d guess that between all the children’s grandparents, they have spent something in the region of £400 (thats about $800 US). But actually, its not the money that effects the kids. Its the sheer amount of gifts. The clutter of it all. I am aware that I am beginning to sound like a grumpy old man, but as a grumpy old man with a concern for the spiritual life of my kids, I am going to carry on grumping!

My second thought has really been one of blessing and I suppose of testimony. It is such a blessing to be thinking clearly. I said that in my previous post, about fog lifting. It really is a blessing to be able just to think clear thoughts. Having said that, the last month for us, me particularly, has zapped a lot of energy and drive and I’m praying that the Lord will restore that. I’ve been out of the house every day for the last three weeks…which, sadly is an acheivement in comparison to the previous 15 or so weeks! Praise God.

Thirdly, I’m missing Scotland. I can’t help it! I miss Scotland especially at this time of year. The weather we have here in Somerset just isn’t normal for me! Talk about culture shock! Anyway, we’ll be visiting Scotland in February sometime for our first batch of furlough next year.

Fourthly, New Years Resolutions. Well, I’ve been kinda doin a sorta constant resolution thing over at Basically, its a website where you write up 43 things, compare them with other people’s 43 three things, and basically write updates about how yer doin with them. Most of my things are more every day things, but still things I want to do nonetheless. Anyway, I share that because it got me thinking about Podcasting and the fact that I’d love to do it but don’t have the foggiest idea of how to do it! If anyone has the ‘Idiots Guide’ to podcasting on the back of a postcard, please sent me the card!

anyway, thats all folks.


3 thoughts on “Inter Christmas & New Year Ponderings

  1. Hi Andrew.I can easily host podcasts for you – I’m in the process of writing some instructions for doing that through Council of War… should be ready before too long.You’ll need a way to record your meetings, and a way to get that recording into the computer for editing. At the moment I use a mini-disc recorder and some free audio editing software. Let me know if you need help at all!

  2. I’m sure the mp3 player will be fine. If it gave you a decent recording of the ACC it’ll be good enough for a regular podcast. My MD recorder isn’t very high quality but it does the job.Looks like Audacity ( might fit the bill for you. Remember to download the MP3 encoder as well, otherwise you won’t be able to re-save your edited file as an mp3.Let me know how you get on, and if you want to go for it I’ll set up a podcast feed for you on Council of War.

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