New Year Reads

Looking to get your new year off to a good start? Set yourself in the right frame of mind for 2007? Let me share with you my late December-January (re-)reading list:

“Israel Gaither: Man with A Mission” – a Christmas gift from my inlaws…biography of Commissioner Gather, former Cheif of Staff and current USA National Commander. Just started it, but sure to be an inspiring read. If you’re looking for someone to be an inspiration, let me suggest you start here.

“Aggressive Christianity” by General Catherine Book, primitively updated by Cory Harrison. Get your gospel message in perspective for this year by reading this great reworking of an old Army classic. If you want a copy, and live in the UK, contact me and I’ll give you one for free…I have a few copies lying around. Interestingly, some of your corps people will never want to listen to you again when you start preaching an authentic gospel. I speak from experience! I can also suggest ‘Way of the Master’ and ‘How to win Souls and Influence People’ by Ray Comfort for this purpose. The second of those is a gripping classic with strong military metaphor…you’d love it. Visit Living Waters to buy your copy.

“I’ll Fight….holiness at War!” – Phil Wall. I’ve read this several times, given it away several times and bought more. It was the transitional book for me between nearly being a nominal salvationist to being a passionate one. I’ve no idea where Phil Wall is these days…I believe he’s still out there being the CSM at Raynes Park and all the rest…but Phil, wherever you are, the Army is poorer without your voice! Come back, all is forgiven. That aside, this book will help sharpen up your own personal spiritual walk as you fight as a warror. Add to this ‘Sowing Dragons” by Major Geoff Ryan and you are set!

Finally, for a solid grounding in Salvationism, can I reccomend you download and read SALVATIONISM 101, 201, 301 (I understand 401 is due to appear) from and have a good old read. Plenty of classic reading on a wide variety of topics to feed you throught the year. You’ll be glad to know that I’m not expecting any commission for this plug Captain Court! Anyway, you can download these great resources from armybarmy store for a very very reasonable price. Can I also mention to any preachers out there: there is great sermon fodder in here as well as being fantastic for cell groupcs, soldiership classes, etc etc

Anyway, read all that and you’ll be so on fire that people will come and watch you burn!


3 thoughts on “New Year Reads

  1. Hi Andrew,I would like to buy a copy of Cory Harrison’s Agressive Christianity from you, let me know the cost and I’ll pop a cheque in the post. You know my email.Blessinsg & Prayers,Matthew & Debbie

  2. I can say that Cory’s book is wonderful. The reason that this book is such a genuine read is that Cory lives the life; he doesn’t merely talk or write about it. Cory is passion personified. I love that guy.Thanks for the reading suggestions. We can never get enough books in our hands and in our heads.In His dust,Johnny

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