First Post of 2007

As I said a few posts ago, I don’t have any specific resolutions this year especially produce for New Year other than my list on However, when I was talking to one of my soldiers the other day, I did mention to her that I fully intend to move up the primitive scale. Some people who know me might shudder at the thought of me being more primitive, but for me, it will be the case of re-taking some old ground first!

Moving up the primitive scale for me means something like this:

– that I desire is a simpler life. Simplicity is a beautiful thing and I remember fondly the days when I left home with nothing but uniform, some clothes and a box of books.

– that personal efforts in evangelism will be increased. I wouldn’t say that the gift of evangelist is one of my key gifts, but that is no excuse at all from not evangelising. My evangelist urgency, which my corps are tired of hearing about, comes from my prophetic gifting…evangelistic urgency is part of the 21st C prophets message but I feel it must be accompanied by prophetic acts by actually doing it as well as motivating others for it. It also comes from the fact that I can fully remember what it is like being lost! We all need a good dangling over the fire of hell to increase our evangelistic fervency!

– more uniform wearing. My take on uniform is that its a physical, outward sign of covenant which is a valuable reminder to me of all I’ve taken on as well as a witness. Stephen Court, at some point in his blog, said that when people see someone in Army uniform they expect to be spoken to about spiritual things. Sadly, thats not the case in the UK. Actually, it is very rare that you will find me without a crest or a Red Shield on my shirt, so I’m not sure how I will get on with this one…I’ll certainly be encouraging my own soldiers to sally up more often, hopefully by doing som street patrols.

– that I retake some ground on aggressive prayer warfare. The downside of the scurge of depression means that it sucks your outward focussing prayer and focusses it all on getting out or you rut, one of the reasons that I believe that the depression that jumps on me every now and again is demonic in nature…the kind that needs rebuking, not doctoring! This means more prayer walking, more praying the bible, all that.

So, those are the things really sticking in my mind at the moment…I’ll continue to preach radical holiness as I’ve been doing (much to the distaste of some of my hearers) and I’ll continue to preach a full gospel (even more to the distaste of some of my hearers!). I’ll continue to try to lead the corps deeper in worship and continue to try and devolve ministry from being officer-based to soldiery based (much to the horror of some of our old timers). I’m sure 2007 will continue to be lots of fun! :o)

yours primitively,

6 thoughts on “First Post of 2007

  1. Mmmmmmm!!! My prayer is that the ‘distaste’ and the ‘horror’ eminates from the quiet moving of the Holy Spirit. I started to write more, but I could see that I was being drawn into the side issues of things like ‘moving up the primitive scale’ Whatever that is meant to be. So I prefer to see where I measure on the “What would Jesus do” scale …. I don’t want to be primitive. I believe God wants us, or at least me, to be bang up to date, even brand new, with all the wonders of the 21st century to help me. I really do need my computer and Web …. so I just hope we don’t get too simple a life by having a national power cut!! Just like our William, was when he started the Army. ……. he didn’t want to be like anyone else ….. He just wanted God to use all there was of WB. A man that used the things of his time to further the Kindom. Bless him after all he was but a man!!! (:-)).There has to be some differences … I’m not sure I could have coped if Jesus had been like John the Baptist!! :)I’m sure many of the ‘I’ and ‘my’ issues will become ‘us’ and ‘our’ issues in time Loves ya to bits and look forward to the Battle of Pill 2007 (:-Dluv Petros

  2. Sorry, thought it was clear, but I was referring to primitive salvationism, not becoming a cave man. I don’t intend to hang up my computer and using modern methods, I’m simply referring to having a less cluttered life with all the unnecessary stuff :o) As you know, its about back to basics salvationism, which isn’t at all about methodology (although we may still have some things to learn from primitive methods for example..our ward system), but getting back to the essentials which make up the Army, which I define as follows:- renewed radical holiness- renewed radical salvation- renewed charismatic spirituality- renewed mission-focussed- radical mercy- radical commitment to covenant(see post on 1 October 2004)….and how all those things should be fleshed out in my life. Its not about Boothology either…its about embracing the calling to be a salvationist which God gives. Booth didn’t invent the Army…it was God’s dream.I firmly believe that if salvationist took their covenants seriously we’d see more Christ-like salvationists around…the Articles of War is a revolutionary take on ‘normal’ discipleship. Soldiership is discipleship and I’m a soldier first and an officer second.I find that ‘what would Jesus do’ is quite subjective. Some people believe that Jesus would allow pre-marital sex, casual divorce, an anything-goes mish-mash spirituality. The strength of simply chosing to live out the soldiers (and officers) covenant is that you are, in essence, commiting to a compressed expression of the whole of the new testament. After all, ‘what did Paul teach’ is just as important as ‘what would Jesus do’.Salvationism, lived out authentically, doesn’t preclude a Christlike life at all, in fact, I believe it can produce a wonderfully disciplined and Christ-centred life. The Soldiers Covenant is worth a daily read!Andrew

  3. That’s what ‘people’ think Jesus would do ….. I’m on about what would Jesus really do. And I’m not so sure he would have done or said some of the things that Paul did and said …… but maybe that could be construed as heresy!! :-\- renewed radical holiness- renewed radical salvation- renewed charismatic spirituality- renewed mission-focussed- radical mercy- radical commitment to covenant…….. and renewed radical love!… hate going on about the ‘resounding gong or clanging cymbol’ (1 Cor 13) I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said and you’re right but for dear W&C B, God’s dream wouln’t have materialised in the way it did……. but Boothology, as you put, is always a danger …… A reminder of LOVE keeps our feet on the ground while our head is in the heavenlies :)But I knew you’d have an answer.Just keeping you on your toes!! :-))Luvs yaGod BlessPetros

  4. I’d say that that was certainly heresy, but seeing as you are my CSM, I won’t have you burned at the stake (in love) because it would leave me with considerably more work :o)I’d suggest there is very little diffence between what the Spirit inspired Jesus to do and what the Spirit inspired Paul to write :o)I suppose if you looked at it all carefully, you could see that none of the elements I mentioned could exist without radical love. But then, for example, love can be misunderstood.There are many, for example, who believe that God is so loving that he would never send someone to hell. I think even our love has to be clearly explained else we have God loving in man’s ways…just an observation. :o)

  5. Uhm! No! ….. after all … it’s your blog site …. You have the last word ….. YOU ARE RIGHT ….. HELL IS A REALITY that too many ignore, cover up or even pretend it’s not there!! …. and ……….. nope .. I’ll stop. luvs yaPetros

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