Salvationism Out Loud!

Here be the cover of the wee book. The sales will go to my corps to support the war here. Of course, as an officer I’ve covenanted to dedicate all money from self-written publications, writing and music to the Lord through the Army…and that I’ll dutifully do!

At worst, its a collection of random thoughts relating to salvationism (of the primitive variety), at its best its my brain grappling with what it means to flesh that out in reality. Its thoughts of an officer in the making, and officer with a passion for ministry who just wishes he could get his brain, thoughts and actions working at the same pace!

More than all that, its dedicated to the soldiers of Pill Corps for being willing to take the journey with us, and who still show willing to take the journey.

I love writing. I always have, although I’m not always great at it. But, I figure that if God has stuck a passion for it in there somewhere, he wants me to use it. So, I offer this little volume in that spirit.

Keep watching for details of ordering! I’m estimating the price to be around £6, although you will be able to download it electronically for about half the price! Details to follow!

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