Some bits…

So, I mentioned that I discovered an old copy of my testimony that I used to carry round in leaflet from from years back. Decided to do it again…the new version looks pretty good (if I say so myself)! You don’t always have the opportunity to share much with a lot of people you meet…a simple testimony is a good thing to leave behind.
Also, great to report that the downloads of the podcasts are going steady and now registered on itunes. Just search itunes podcasts for ‘The Salvation Army’ and it’ll come up.
You may read blog, but just to point out that there are a couple of good books due to be published by Credo Press (I presume) .

The first, by Olivia Munn (see link to her blog at the right hand side) and Captain Stephen Court entitled ‘The Uprising’ At last, here is a holiness book aimed at teenagers and young people…so needed, certainly in this Territory.

The second is ‘Articles of War’ by General William Booth (his first book this millenium!) and Captain Stephen Court. Its half update of an old book by Booth on the doctrines, and the second half is some words of challenge on the second half of the articles of war. A valuable tool both for soldiership classes and for blowing the cobwebbs of our own covenant keeping.

Keep a look on for the news, but I’ll post it here too when they are out.

Tracy and I were getting set to go to the Booth-Tucker Institue in Canada this summer. Its a week long residential training in inner city incarnational ministry (with the limits being that its only a week, but the nature of the stuff they do at 614 Vancouver is incarnational….so its a chance to get involved with that first hand.) Unfortunately, my sister decided to move her wedding, so we’re not going to be able to go. Have you given it a thought? I’m sure it would be worth the journey. We’ll hopfully be setting off next year, God willing. Check out the details at The War College website.


so yeah…thats all folks!


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