Sharing Bread

A few months ago we received a memo from the Cheif Secretary (might have been Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Cochrane) explaining the ‘activity’ of a certain Peter Footer. Peter Footer, a Salvationist, is valiantly (in my opinion) taking Bibles into China. I’ve recenlty come across his blog. Here is an excerpt:

“During my 12 months here I have been able to provide (extremely roughly) 18,000 pastors with a study bible this means that 18,000 church’s have been blessed this past year as a direct result of your prayer’s, thank you. Having never seen the pastors who receive these books I can only share with you the joy that I have heard “illegal” Christians have when they finally receive the book created by the God that they serve.

Thank you for your support in this ministry, it has been an amazing year and a great experience. I pray that you will all find time during the rush of this season to remember the birth of Jesus and more importantly the sacrifice of the very same child so that we may be free and that you would find the time to share this with some one who does not yet know it. “

Now, when I think of his story I think of Brother Andrew…you know, the Dutch fella who became famous for the same kinda work. So, blow me down with a feather when the Cheif Secretary is forbidding us from supporting Peter because what he is doing might affect the work in China. Hmm. Seems to me that Peter is doing the work in China that perhaps we should be doing.

I suppose I can see the point, but I think the more telling truth is that the Army are over cautious. Breaking into any country hostile to Christianity is a threat. What about the Salvationists of North Korea who have been continuing to meet in secret since they were banned? What about Brigadier Korbel OF who continued to serve in his POW camp although he wasn’t supposed to? There are countless other examples…all risky and costly stuff. So, why pick on poor Peter?

Thing is, there is an underground church in China in need of desperate help. Now, if the Army are in there, I do hope that we are helping out against the law. Why? because God’s laws are higher than mans and there are brothers and sisters in need of encouragement, resource and prayer. Even if the 18,000 pastors only have 5 people in their church….I’ll leave you to do the maths!

God bless Peter Footer.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Bread

  1. That memo kind of blows me away. I remember having a representative from Open Door come to our corps (probably at least 25 years ago) and do a presentation on the work of Brother Andrew. It had a profound affect on my life that people would take such risks. I have tried to support these types of ministries ever since in whatever way I can.I get worried with some of the over-cautiousness of the Army in many aspects these days. Yesterday we had a divisional dialogue day for the officers in our division. During this the DC vigorously defended the national SA Red Shield campaign from this past Christmas. It was a well put together campaign showing how the Army helps those that many can’t see or ignore, but there was nothing in it that suggested that we were a Christian organisation or church. In other words there was nothing saying why we do it. I think the DC was trying to imply that either people know that anyway (which isn’t always necessarily true) or that it wasn’t the time to be telling people that, which just doesn’t make sense to me at all. Anyway, rant over.BlessingsWilliam

  2. I’m sure it was Chris…can’t remember when. I know its recenlty…as in the last year. Possibly even Vik Poke (with apologies to Mr Cochrane), but I don’t think so. I’ll try hunt it out but then there is every chance I put it straight in the bin!Anyone else remember it?wcs…I agree with all you say.

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