Report from Officers Advance

So…we had a good time at the Officer’s Advance. Twas led by Commissioners John and Betty Matear, our Territorial Leaders. I found them to be very refreshing. Commissioner Betty, in particular, impressed me. Here is a woman who has a very strong and powerful ministry. Previous TPWM’s in the UK haven’t been quite so dynamic.

Anyway, they spoke about a lot of things mainly focussed on confidence (in God, in mission, in grace, in prayer, in worship, in hope etc). One of the sessions, Commissioner Betty encouraged the officers to dream of what it would mean to claim and live out the DNA of The Salvation Army.

You’d be surprised to know that I didn’t say a thing. I was really interested to listen to what would come from the other officers in the Division…to see what concepts are flying around. I could see the commissioner trying to urge them on, dream bigger, see wider. It is what we need to do, isn’t it?

Anyway, going through my mind is was the definition coming from the primitive voice: The Salvation Army is a group of covenanted warriors exercising holy passion to win the world for Jesus. I suppose that has become my vision in the way that I want to lead my people to think…its a tall order, but God is able.

On another note, I was blessed to watch tears from the eyes of the centre manager of a social service centre as she pleaded with the Lord to send revival to her centre, as well as Christian staff and workers. Lord, answer that prayer! It is wonderful to hear that coming from social services…interestingly, she isn’t a salvationist.

So…next week I’m off again…to the Officers Continuing Development week at Sunbury Court. I may post while I am there, but just in case I don’t, I’ll put in the caution that there may not be any posts until Thursday.


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