Under Farewell Orders!

So…we announced to our corps today that we are expecting farewell orders on the 8th February. Its one of those annoying things you have to keep under your hat until the last minute, but I feel a little bit of relief at having told the corps. We shared it with our leadership a couple of weeks ago.

Mixed emotions about it really…on one hand excitement, on the other hand reluctance. We’re really just at the beginning of the new things God is doing here, but we’ve come through some tough times of transition in these last 6 months or so. Still, having the opportunity now to look back, I’d say it has all been very necessary. We’re still not where we’d want to be yet, but at least we’re on the way.

Praying that our successors will be God’s people for the next stage of the war here in Pill. There is no worse feeling as an officer than the feeling that all your hard work will be undone within a month! I’m sure that won’t happen…God is in it all. We’re praying, praying that God will be preparing the next officers for this unique and exciting appointment with great potential. We now have this next 6 months to consolidate and celebrate what God has done and is doing. I don’t perceive that we’ve got many more difficult bridges to cross in our time here…its just about tying up loose ends and leaving things in as good a shape as we can.

As for us, its possible that we will be moving north of the border to Scotland although we know absolutely nothing with any certainty. Our DC keeps his cards close to his chest, and rightly so…although a little hint here and there wouldn’t have gone amiss! Anyway…we are the ‘salute and go’ kind of people..not bothered where we go as long as its where God wants us.

Just in case you missed it in the last post, we will not be around not until Thursday…off to Sunbury for our Continuing Development Seminar. Woohoo!



3 thoughts on “Under Farewell Orders!

  1. Hi Andrew,We are moving too. It is expected to be an appointment nearer to Alan’s father who lives in Radstock near Bath!Now having been brought up in Bath, could I learn to love Bristol??????Well, all will be revealed Thursday week. Keeping you in our prayersCarol

  2. Andrew,Keeping you each in prayer,Amen to all that the Lord has led you in, convicted you to, dreams to realities, and praying his blessings on you each in future days,Amen to that too,Matthew & Debbie

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